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Welcome to the result of a fanatic fan's dedication to Serenity. This film is about a crew of castoffs, rebels, criminals, whatever you want to view them as, that's on the run from the Alliance. The Alliance is a powerful organization that controls the majority of the world in which Serenity takes place.

However, the Alliance has a secret. A teenage girl named River Tam is the key to that secret and the Alliance would do anything to capture or eliminate her. Captain Malcom Reynolds, Mal, the leader of the group of rebels, has unwittingly taken River and her brother on board. Little does he know what's in store for him and his crew. Soon they discover that a ruthless and highly skilled Alliance Operative is after them, and he will stop at nothing to get what he's after.

This incredible movie is a continuation of the canceled FOX TV show, Firefly. It answers several of the series burning questions while raising many more. What makes this movie so good is the character interactions that writer and director Joss Whedon does so well. He is also the mind behind the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly TV series.

I rate this movie to be a 10 out of 10, if not better. Yahoo users rate it a B+ on the classic A-F scale, out of about 21,000 votes. IMDB users rate it an 8.0 out of 10, out of about 40,000 votes.

Even though the original series has ended and the movie is over, there's talk of more to come. IGN rumors that a made for TV movie may be produced and aired on the Sci-Fi channel in the near future. For those of you that simply want anything with Joss Whedon's mind behind it, look for Wonder Woman in 2007. He is writing the screenplay for that as we speak.

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