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Firefly DVD

The series that birth this great movie is called Firefly. It was aired on FOX TV for only 11 episodes, then cancelled. Unfortunately, FOX never realized the problem. They tried to advertise the series as an action/adventure, but it contained only small action sequences. They aired the episodes vastly out of order, destroying the story that Joss had set up so well. Even so, after the show went off the air, a huge fan base erupted. DVD sets of what was filmed flew off the shelves.

After discovering the incredible fan base behind the very short-lived show, Joss Whedon decided to play out his frustrations and find a way to continue the story. That thought eventually found its way to the big screen, and so Serenity was born. He kept the same crew (with the same actors playing them) and set the story a short time after the series ended.

The series itself was all about the crew. The characterizations and interactions among them were incredible. Whedon?s amazing talent for dry wit added a backbone of humor that added immensely to the show. In addition, he took an interesting view of the world, where China and the US were the only great nations to survive and thus resulted in a combined American/Chinese culture and language. In the show, you would often hear Chinese phrases without warning, but with obvious and usually understandable meaning.

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