About Us

Eric Shields

Eric is a soon-to-be Computer Engineering Graduate from RIT. His interests include computer games, pen and paper RPG's, Track and Field, volleyball, racquetball, anime, and programming. Eric is the team leader for this project.
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Chris Muench

Chris is a first year IT major at RIT. His interests include programming, poker, movies, and playing dodgeball. His main responsibility for the project was programming.
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Alexander Garkusha

Alex is from Greenwich, CT. He is 22 and a second year transfer student at RIT in the New Media/Design program. He transferred from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, where he was a computer arts major. He has been into fine arts from a very early age, and has worked with computers since about the age of 12.
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Tim Maiura

Tim is from Syracuse, NY and a 2nd year New Media Design and Imaging student. His hobbies include playing guitar, design, music, movies, and cooking. After graduation he plans on moving to Charlotte, NC to work for a design firm. Check out his portfolio here.
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Mei-ling Chen

Mei-Ling is an international student from Taipei, Taiwan. This is her first quarter here being a grad student at RIT. Her hoobies include design, shopping and reading any magazines that are about art and fashion. She has worked as a computer graphic designer for two years, she wants to learn more about programming and also improving her design skills here at RIT. View her portfolio here.
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