In order to test your comprehension of our unix tutorials, we have created quizzes that test the material from each of the 4 tutorials.
  •  Quiz 1:
    Quiz covers the ls, cd, mv, mkdir, copy, and other basic UNIX commands. Absolute and Relative paths are also quizzed in detail.
  •  Quiz 2:
    Quiz covers using chmod in detail, binary to decimal conversions, touch command, rm command, and the passwd command.
  •  Quiz 3:
    Quiz covers the usage of two of the primary text editors in UNIX, pico and vi.
  •  Quiz 4:
    Quiz covers the actual using of UNIX to publish a webpage, now that you know all about how to use UNIX. This includes transfering files to the UNIX server, a review of SSH and Telnet, and what to do with your files once you've connected.