Learning UNIX should be fun and easy, we hope you enjoy learning about UNIX with the tutorials we created for you.
  •  Tutorial 1: Getting Started With Unix
    If you are new to UNIX, you're in the right spot. This tutorial is an introduction to the UNIX operating system, it covers the ls, cd, mv, mkdir, copy, and other basic UNIX commands. It also talks about the absolute and relative paths.
  •  Tutorial 2: Advanced Commands
    In this tutorial chmod is covered in detail. File permissions are also throughly explained. Also covered in this tutorial is the use of touch and changing your password.
  •  Tutorial 3: Editing Files with Pico and VI
    This tutorial covers the basics and commands for using two of the favorite UNIX tutorials.
  •  Tutorial 4: Publishing Your Website
    In here you'll find information on how to transfer files to a UNIX server, as well as review SSH and Telnet connections and inform you of how to arrange your files on the server to publish your webpage.